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How Does Toxicity Negatively Impact Efficacy?

If patients decline or cannot tolerate treatment, they do not have an opportunity to realize its potential benefits

The Impact Increases Post Second Line

Many patients with mRCC require dose reductions or interruptions to tolerate TKI treatment, including in the relapsed or refractory setting, leading to underutilization or no treatment3-7

  • In addition to posing a threat to the treatment plan and its potential clinical benefits, tolerability issues can cause negative effects on quality of life and increased supportive care interventions, and may discourage continued/additional treatment8-10

Across TKI pivotal trials, dose reductions, dose interruptions, and discontinuations due to AEs are high—

with dose interruptions affecting up to 4 out of 5 patients8,11

AEs=adverse events; mRCC=metastatic renal cell carcinoma;
TKI=tyrosine kinase inhibitor.